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BYOD: A Matter of Policy

As new devices roll out with more bells and whistles and productivity demands on employees increase, the professional and personal lines will continue to blur. Companies can choose to catch up, stay current

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Bitcoin: A Time of Change

The digital jingling of Bitcoin is growing louder as it gathers in the virtual pockets of investors and is exchanged between consumers and soon-to-be 50,000-plus corporations across the globe. This white paper will

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On the Same Page: TAR for Asian Languages

More than ever, counsel are likely to encounter non-English documents, specifically Asian-language, during international litigation or compliance matters. Applying technology-assisted review can translate to a world of savings for counsel. Download now: http://llm.liquidlitigation.com/TAR-for-Asian-Languages_lp-TARAsianLanguage-whitepaper-2016.html  

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