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Matter Management

Track all pertinent information related to a particular matter including its status, related documents, upcoming events, status updates between inside and outside counsel and more. You can also see across multiple matters to search, filter, and report at a macro level.

Actuals Evaluation

With our Budget Dashboard feature, you can clearly review a matter's Actuals v. Budget; easily alert counsel when approaching budget thresholds; and quickly identify risk by forecasting spend against budget. Plus, high-level budget graphs are available for reporting, allowing counsel to collaborate and effect change.


From the initial plotting of evidentiary points between inside and outside counsel through discovery and trial, a timeline can greatly enhance your case analysis. Start early and take advantage of all data in one system to identify relevant information. Easily associate people, organizations, locations, notes and categories with timeline points. Plus, use our integrated iPad app for access on the go.


BinderBuilder allows users to compile documents instantly into a single PDF that can be filed electronically with the court, shared among users to prepare for a deposition or trial or printed for attorney review. Volumes can be split by file size or page number to conform to court filing requirements or match a physical binder size.


Technology-assisted review is a process that can greatly trim down review time. Simply tag a portion of your documents to train the system to recognize conceptually similar documents. Once trained, relevant tags are applied to terabytes of documents in an amount of time that far surpasses human review capabilities. This way, attorneys can spend their valuable time with the documents that matter most.


Liquid Lit Manager uses sophisticated algorithms to organize documents into conceptually similar groups. The resulting clusters are displayed in a number of ways, including a two-dimensional, interactive graph, which indicates the size of a cluster, its relationship to other clusters and key words or concepts for each cluster. As you hover over a cluster, easily gain information about the document breakdown within the cluster to aid in identifying pertinent groups of documents.

Review Predictor

This tool alerts administrators whether a specified review deadline will be met and calculates how many reviewers are needed to meet the goal based on current review rates. It provides you with better accuracy of cost estimates and time to completion.


Outlines is a flexible way to create and perform witness depositions and hearings. Build up your outline with questions, color code them for quick identification and associate with specific documents for easy reference. During questioning, easily navigate through points or documents while also marking items complete or highlight them to review later. Plus, use our integrated iPad app for access on the go.

Data Tracking

Gain insight into how much data you have in one matter, or across multiple matters in your organization. You can easily see the amount of data you have moving through stages of EDRM, or how much you’ve collected from a particular custodian. You can slice and dice the data by various measurements to inform strategy or to predict future costs for similar matters.

Email Threading

Use email-threading view – and its sibling, near-duplicates view – to quickly review and flag documents. Reduce time spent reviewing. Instead, improve consistency by looking at key emails that are part of the entire conversational thread.

Witness Pages

Retrieve documents relating to a given witness in one central location. This includes witness deposition transcripts, related exhibits, expert reports, declarations and hearing/trial testimony. This feature eliminates the tedious process of creating and updating witness files while tracking witnesses and their documents, all in one place.


Liquid Lit Manager electronically Bates-stamps production documents through an easy-to-use interface. This flexible and fully automated tool allows users to specify characteristics of each stamp including intelligently attaching confidentiality designation based on flags. All stamping is done online reducing moving parts and saving time.

Concept Search

Review is not always a linear process. A key document discovered during review may lead a user to look for documents with similar concepts. Reviewers are rapidly connected to related documents through the “More Like This” feature and concept search capabilities by phrase or passage.

Transcript Management

Within Liquid Lit Manager, you can manage all of your deposition, hearing and trial transcripts. All related exhibits can easily be linked and viewed alongside the transcript for optimal convenience.


Redactions can take a lot of time so we give you a suite of tools to enhance the efficiency of any use case. You will be able to perform redactions on individual pages, whole documents, and either one at a time or en mass in a batch. Managing and quality control of the redactions has never been easier with our Redaction Portal.
LLM unifies the legal process by combining legal holds, case strategy, matter and budget management, review and analytics in a single, web-based platform. We connect legal strategy to tactics in a way no one else can, so every part of the process is actionable. Our product scales to help corporate and law firm teams gain cost-savings and eliminate inefficiencies.