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Becoming an LLM customer gives you access to our first-class services team. You’ll be matched with a single point of contact for the duration of your project, at no extra cost. The team has tenure within LLM and the legal industry and are well equipped to handle any of your legal challenges.

Our Promise to You

One person per
specific project

PM closely monitors and proactively anticipate
project needs

Responses in under
an hour

  • “When you come across a business that you deal with that has very good customer service, it catches your attention! That’s LLM.”

    Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C. -

Other services we offer


In the early stages of discovery, let our team of dedicated experts handle the data collection and preservation methodology to avoid spoliation issues. We can help maintain legal defensibility and reduce costs using forensically sound methods.


Review remains the timeliest step in the legal process. If resources are tight, allow our legal experts to handle the entire review process. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to review all of your data and see that your organization achieves the desired outcomes.

LLM unifies the legal process by combining legal holds, case strategy, matter and budget management, review and analytics in a single, web-based platform. We connect legal strategy to tactics in a way no one else can, so every part of the process is actionable. Our product scales to help corporate and law firm teams gain cost-savings and eliminate inefficiencies.