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Is the Apple Marketplace a Monopoly?

Who’s the distributor of apps in the Apple App Store? Apple or third-party developers? The Supreme Court will consider a lower court’s ruling that named Apple the distributor and able to face antitrust

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A Change to Securities Litigation?

While in the past, companies that experienced cyber-attacks and data breaches were usually successful in defeating derivative actions and securities class action lawsuits, this may no longer be the case. Recent events may

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Facing Biometric Information Privacy

If you use Facebook, you’re probably well aware that it’s collecting information about you. But did you know that this information also includes details of your physiognomy, such as the distance between your

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Fed-Up Chipotle Customers Sue

Who felt “excessively full” after the Thanksgiving meal? Then you can relate to how some Chipotle customers felt after consuming a 1,000-plus calorie burrito that was advertised as a mere 300 calories. A

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A Bronx Tale of Court Delays

While New York City is known for its fast pace, uptown in the Bronx, underfunded criminal courts move through cases at a painfully slow rate. According to borough public defenders, this jeopardizes the

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