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TAR and Feather: In Re Broiler Chicken

Some in the legal world are crowing with delight over the detailed Order Regarding Search Methodology for Electronically Stored Information issued by Special Master Maura R. Grossman and U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey T.

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Top 10 Legal Trends in 2018

From a greater focus on cybersecurity and a rise in legal operations professionals to an increase in automation and AI and TAR implementation, these are among the top 10 legal trends that departments

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TAR Gets a Boost from Down Under

Since 2012 when U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck issued the first court decision approving the use of technology-assisted review for e-discovery, judicial approval of the technology’s use has continued. Just this past January,

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TAR Rules Again for Judge Peck

While Judge Andrew J. Peck’s “short and decisive” answer was “NO” to whether the plaintiff in the racial discrimination case of Hyles v. New York City could force the defendant to use TAR,

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