20 Questions…or More

20 Questions…or More

“Is anyone on the call yet?” I wondered as I clutched the awkwardly large office phone to my ear, listening for sounds of life on the other end. For the next hour, I would be training new clients how to use Liquid Lit Manager™. The system was easy to use. I knew everything there was to know but with anything there are always the initial nerves. Suddenly, the all too familiar “blip” of someone joining the conference call echoed through the receiver on the phone. As I greeted the clients, all nervousness dissipated. I love talking to people. I’m confident in my ability to train. What had I been so worried about? Over the next hour, the training session flowed smoothly. I welcomed the clients’ questions with open ears, but hardly ever getting questions. I loved explaining all that our system could do and before I knew it, the training session was coming to a close. I found myself double and triple checking for more questions, eager to help as many people as possible, not wanting the call to end.

As I initially went through each “section” of the program I asked if anyone had any questions and each time I got “nope” and “we’re good.” I always wonder if my training is that good or if people are just hesitant to ask questions in a group that they think might be “simple,” “dumb,” or “too basic.”

For the record, there are no dumb questions–ever. And yes, you will understand the system and be able to use it. I always enjoy the working with clients one on one after the initial training when they are actually using the system because I feel they are more open to asking questions and I can have a real impact on their understanding.

Next time we meet in a training session, ask your question…odds are you aren’t the only one with the same question.

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