BinderBuilder™: Revolutionizing Legal Workflow Efficiency 

BinderBuilder™: Revolutionizing Legal Workflow Efficiency 

In today’s fast-paced legal environment, efficient, easy-to-use tools can drastically improve your work’s efficiency and quality. At Liquid Litigation Management™ (LLM), we’re committed to developing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of legal professionals. BinderBuilder is exactly that: a transformative tool designed to streamline the way our clients organize key information. 

Cas Campaigne, LLM’s Chief Strategy Officer, notes: 

“BinderBuilder offers a solution to one of the core problems we’ve sought to address since I founded the company: transforming unstructured, disorganized data into tidily organized sets of facts. 

I repeatedly saw that creating binders, whether it be for deposition prep or trial, was necessary but incredibly time-consuming. The time spent didn’t represent the full measure of value we could contribute to a case. We always wanted more time to prepare. Because BinderBuilder enables building binders and easily organizing documents, more time is spent with a strategic focus and less on workaday tasks.” 

Seamless Compilation and Collaboration 

BinderBuilder is built around the philosophy that you should be able to do your work where your documents live.  It allows legal professionals to easily compile full documents and selections thereof, and it facilitates real-time collaboration across use cases. 

This feature doesn’t just simplify the process of compiling binders; it also expedites the delivery of critical information to attorneys. With BinderBuilder, you can quickly organize documents, create or amend work products, automatically update tables of contents and pagination, and download or share your Binder with a click. 

Versatile Document Compilation 

BinderBuilder is not just about creating binders; it’s about managing the key details contained in your documents in the most efficient manner possible. 

Whether you need to file electronically with the court, prepare for a call, deposition, trial, or print for attorney review, Binders has you covered. Automatically generate Tables of Contents, add slipsheets to placeholder tabs, include tagging or comments, and print a binder whenever necessary. Additionally, it allows splitting volumes by file size or page number to conform to court filing requirements or match a physical binder size. Whether you prefer to work in the database, export to PDF, or even create physical hardcopy binders for use in areas with challenging technology accessibility, Binders is designed to meet your needs. 

Binders in Action 

The case team of an AmLaw 10 firm, which used Binders to organize facts for deposition prep, calculated an average savings of 8 billable hours per deposition.   

By removing the manual steps and automating key processes, LLM’s BinderBuilder helps law firms save valuable time and attorneys to focus on strategy instead of routine administrative work. 

In short, BinderBuilder is designed to revolutionize the way law firms work. By automating and streamlining document compilation and management, it frees up your time to focus on what truly matters — providing top-notch legal services to your clients. Trust BinderBuilder to transform your legal workflow into a more efficient, seamless, and productive process. Experience the future of legal work with BinderBuilder. 

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