Apropos of Nothing …

Apropos of Nothing …

Here’s a bit of idle blogging levity to help you recover from Tax Day …

Because I’ve been publishing quite a few articles lately, I thought it might be a good idea to Google my own name “Gary Wiener”.  For those of you who revel in such confusion, I’m an attorney and writer in San Antonio whose name is “Gary Allen Wiener”.  The “Gary Wiener” that you see plastered all over Amazon.com, with numerous books to his credit, is “Gary Alan Wiener” from Plainview, NY, not me (although I’m certainly happy to accept credit for his bibliography). 

In addition to the very prolific Mr. Wiener, other Gary Wieners you may come across on the Interwebs are:

Gary S. Wiener (Boise, ID)
Gary Wiener (Santa Rosa, CA)
Gary D. Wiener (Arlington, TX)
Gary Wiener (Parlin, NJ)
Gary M. Weiner (Scottsdale, AZ)

I note the irony that more than half of us are writers or attorneys.  So, if you read something online by “Gary Wiener” that offends you … it was written by one of the other guys, not me.  That’s my story.

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