Case Against Apple Rings up for $3 Million

Case Against Apple Rings up for $3 Million

Last week, “patent trolls” notched another legal win against Apple in 2016. A Delaware federal jury ruled that the multinational technology company infringed on Mobile Media Ideas LLC’s mobile phone ring-silencing patent and should pay $3 million.

One could say that Apple got off “cheap” this time compared to the $24 million settlement it made with a “patent troll” this past April. Also, MobileMedia may be “disappointed” with the $3 million verdict as it was initially seeking $18 million in royalties.

According to Ars Technica, the back-and-forth battle that’s waged since 2010 may not be over. As with most “high-stakes patent cases,” Apple is likely appeal to the Federal Circuit. In this lengthy case, Apple has shown that it’s willing to go the long haul “to make its point.”

For a case where a company took on a “patent troll” and won, check out this post from earlier this year.

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