Welcome to the BLLAWG!

Welcome to the BLLAWG!

On behalf of Liquid Litigation Management, allow me to welcome you to LLM’s BLLAWG.

There are dozens of legal blogs (“blawgs”) and RSS newsfeeds pertaining to electronic discovery issues.  Most contain lots of posts that may not be useful, on a daily basis, to attorneys and support staff.  We believe that your main questions are “What do I need to know?” and “How does this affect me?”

With BLLAWG, we hope to answer those two questions for you.  We’ll monitor all those blawgs and newsfeeds for you, and link to the best and most relevant posts here.

We’ll also share our expertise with you, from our team members who spent time in the litigation trenches beside you before entering the world of litigation support.  Please bookmark us, as we’ll be updating the BLLAWG frequently.

Please enjoy and make full use of the BLLAWG!

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