Lawyers Charge Ahead with Electric Scooter Potential

Lawyers Charge Ahead with Electric Scooter Potential

As the number of shared electric scooters continues to multiply, at times precariously, along the streets and sidewalks of major cities, some personal injury lawyers see a potential new source for business.

Bloomberg reports that in Los Angeles and San Francisco, scooter riders or pedestrians who were hit by scooters have been contacting personal injury firms to file claims. As a result, firms are dedicating some website real estate to scooter litigation.

Between the two cities, Los Angeles lawyers expect more scooter-related accident business because drivers in their metro are less accustomed to sharing the road and can be more aggressive than in San Francisco.

Accidents can include cars and scooters, scooters running into pedestrians on the road or lying on the sidewalk and scooters that malfunction. Per Bloomberg:

“Lawyers say winning damages won’t be simple. Pedestrians who claim they were injured dodging a scooter on the sidewalk typically have no one to sue because the riders are long gone. Riders hit by cars probably have the strongest cases.”

Scooter-related injury business probably won’t be slowing down anytime soon. U.S. scooter startups like Bird Rides, Inc. and Lime are pushing forward, going global, enticing investors and driving valuations into the billions.

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