McFly Into The Future

McFly Into The Future

courtesy of World Intellectual Property Organization

News flash: Nike has just released new Marty McFly Nike Air Mag shoes.

Marty McFly’s iconic shoes were first seen when Back to the Future II was released in 1989. Sneaking suspicions a replica shoe was in the works started when Nike filed a patent for an “Automatic Lacing System” in April of 2009. Two and a half years later we finally get to see the results – an excellent follow up to the movie triology’s 25th anniversary.

The new Mags are almost perfect, Fast Company’s Austin Carr says, but unfortunately it seems the automatic lacing patent didn’t make the cut. Still, the 2011 Mags are a cut above the 1989 version, complete with LED panels and a light-up Nike logo strap. There are only 1,500 pairs of the shoes which are being auctioned in a 10 day sale on eBay. But don’t get your hopes up – prices start in the thousands.

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