LLM, Inc.: Corp. Counsel Can Reduce Total Cost of Disputes, Increase Efficiency

LLM, Inc.: Corp. Counsel Can Reduce Total Cost of Disputes, Increase Efficiency

Liquid Lit Manager™ now includes Budget and Matter Management features

AUSTIN, Texas – July 14, 2015 – Liquid Litigation Management, Inc. introduces Budget and Matter Management Dashboards in its latest release of the industry-leading Liquid Lit Manager™— the only all-in-one legal holds to the trial solution on the market. With the new enhancements, corporate counsel will have the insight necessary to take meaningful action that can reduce cost and increase efficiency.

“In surveying our corporate clients on industry issues, it improved transparency, and budget forecasting were points of emphasis,” said LLM, Inc. Chief Executive Officer and President W. Cas Campaigne. “We are pleased to provide our clients with a much-needed solution to help them meet these daily challenges and reduce cost.”

The addition of the new features enables counsel to gain meaningful insight into investigations, disputes, arbitrations and regulatory issues, thereby reducing total cost of disputes. The Budget and Matter Management Dashboards also offer a centralized point of collaboration for inside and outside counsel. For example, outside counsel can easily enter status updates and actual costs, allowing them to measure data against budgeted amounts and accurately keep track of progress. Counsel can also visually compare monetary data, such as budget and spend. Alerts notify counsel when approaching budget thresholds and quickly identify risk by forecasting spend.

Most important, the new features are fully integrated within the same interface as all other Liquid Lit Manager features: legal holds, data details, TAR, review and case management. Full integration means the seamless flow of data, avoiding data loss of any kind, as well as unparalleled transparency and measurement.

More information on the new Budget and Matter Management features is available at llminc.com or 1-877-820-8308.


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