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A Flash in the Patent Win Pan?

This year, we’ve blogged about patent wins against Apple over voice-system and ring-silencing technology. This month, we add a lawsuit over online payment technology to the files against Apple. According to The National Law Journal, in 2015, Smartflash won a $533 million jury verdict against

Patent Troll Crunches into Apple

Siri, how much did Apple agree to pay Marathon Patent Group, Inc. over your voice-system technology? 24.9 million. According to documents recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple has agreed to settle with the patent troll. In turn, Marathon Patent Group will split

Heavy on the Ink: Redacted Ruling for HP

A dispute between Hewlett-Packard and its shareholders lasting three years and including almost 400 fillings ended with a printer-cartridge bang when Judge Charles Breyer responded to HP’s motions for thousands of pages of heavily redacted documents to be sealed with a heavily redacted ruling of

RadioShack Rings up Brand and Data Deal

Once known as the “World’s Leading Specialty Electronics Retailer” (clock radios, scanners, remote-controlled cars, anyone?), RadioShack declared bankruptcy in February and is now selling its brand and customer data to the highest bidder — the hedge fund Standard General. The $26.2 million deal has raised

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