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Patents Reformed, But Into What?

Corporate Counsel magazine recently released its 2012 Patent Litigation Survey, and the results are striking. The survey is noteworthy not just for the rapid acceleration in the number of patent lawsuits it shows, but also because it illustrates changes that have taken place across the

Facebook: A Nightmare for eDiscovery?

Congratulations to ‘The Social Network’ for winning the Golden Globe for best motion picture. Unfortunately, companies may think the ever-evolving Facebook isn’t a blockbuster. Facebook’s new Facemail, a messaging-email hybrid, could be huge headache for companies trying to maintain eDsicovery compliance. With the increased use

Cost of E-Discovery

In “E-Discovery: Opt For Major Changes Rather Than Tinkering At The Edges of the Rules,” a recent interview in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Beth Rose, a Member at Sills Cummis & Gross P.C., discusses the costs of e-discovery—both monetary and the effect they have on

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