Apple Patents Ticket to Camera-Free Concerts

Apple Patents Ticket to Camera-Free Concerts

If you’ve been to a live performance lately, chances are someone in front of you has raised a phone up into your view — or have you done the same? No matter, Apple is hard at work on the issue. The company was recently granted a patent for technology that could temporarily disable phone cameras.

How it would work: An infrared transmitter installed at a venue would send out an infrared beam, remotely blocking photo and video capabilities on devices, like phones, cameras or laptops. The user would receive a “recording disabled” message or a watermark or blurred effect would be applied to all images.

Using an Aztec water jug as an example, the patent demonstrates how the technology could also offer the user a multimedia-rich experience by delivering engaging information.

While there are many potential benefits for users and the marketplace, there’s a possible downside, too. As NPR points out, it could also potentially be used by oppressive governments, military or police to limit freedom of expression.

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