Is Google’s Recent Patent Going to Eliminate the Social Media Marketer?

Is Google’s Recent Patent Going to Eliminate the Social Media Marketer?

The innovative Internet giant is at it again. With a recent patent in its pocket (“Encouraging Conversation in a Social Network”), Google’s’ going after social media channels and making it easier to share content.

The patented idea intends to provide additional context around certain topics included in an email and facilitate social media conversations. For example, when a link is sent via email, Google will display a pop-up that instantly enables social sharing. The reason behind this idea? Per Google:

“[E]mail is not an optimal mechanism for sharing links or engaging in conversation. Social networks are changing the way users communicate with one another by providing a better mechanism for users to easily share information and engage in a conversation… ”

Google takes this a step further by determining the email and link’s content and responding with trending hashtags and suggested relevant articles. Think of it as your personal curated reading list.Cislo & Thomas LLP questioned whether this will eliminate the need for the social media marketer altogether. Could that happen? Not anytime soon. While history has shown that technology can completely eliminate jobs — like an elevator operator or newspaper typesetter — and put others in danger — like a travel agent or a postal worker — it doesn’t seem like the social media marketer will follow. In fact, increasing shares on social media may have the opposite effect — boosting instead of reducing the workload. There’s a good chance, however, that as technology marches on, the social media marketer’s job will evolve.

No word yet when Gmail users can expect this new functionality. But when they do, we can hope they include social media sharing links beyond Google+ which would be a, well, a plus.

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