Safari Adventure: 5.1.2

Safari Adventure: 5.1.2

This Tuesday Apple released a new version of Safari allowing users to view PDFs within web content while also eliminating the dreaded blank screen that users run into when attempting to load its contents.  Finally.  After testing the new 5.1.2 version of Safari, reviewers have noted that many of 5.1’s bugs related to overall stability and slowness when opening PDFs have ceased.

We at LLM decided to test out the new version on our own product for ourselves on both a PC and an iPad — the verdict?  We obviously were thrilled about being able to open PDFs within Lit Manager and found no major problems with slowness of opening documents.  We did, however, find a few minor bugs on a PC regarding frames. Overall, the updates are a big and welcome improvement.

While the new version might not be the end-all-solution to opening documents in Safari, the upside is that iPhone and iPad users can finally open them without first downloading an app. For many attorneys and business professionals, this is great news.  Just think, receiving an important business email containing a 20-page document while at the airport should no longer be a hassle that many professionals complain about.

The new version of Safari 5.1.2 can be downloaded from Apple’s support download site or through a software update.

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