The Great Divide: Blackphone’s PrivatOS 1.1

The Great Divide: Blackphone’s PrivatOS 1.1

Despite the many benefits a BYOD policy offers, employees’ use of personal smartphones for professional business can be the IT Achilles’ heel of a company. Blackphone’s PrivatOS 1.1 may be the answer to “modern privacy concerns.”

Built for Android-based operating systems, PrivatOS gives employee and employer greater control over privacy, without sacrificing productivity. How? By securely compartmentalizing the personal and professional into “self-contained areas.” Called “Spaces,” it secures a business infrastructure by separating the apps and data into one space from what’s taking place in others. Essentially, the operating system turns one device into many.

PrivatOS also comes pre-installed with Silent Space, which contains the Silent Suite of apps and the Silent Store. The Silent Store is the “world’s first privacy-focused app store.” As smartphone users may or may not be aware, a startling amount of security is given up when agreeing to the complex permissions. (How many of you have quickly hit “Accept” and not read a single line?) Such permissions provide “backdoor access” to a company’s information. With the Silent Store, those permissions are upfront and in clear language for increased awareness and confidence. Furthermore, in the event a smartphone is lost or stolen, a remote data wipe is available.

So, while employees’ personal and professional lives continue to blur, the work done within them doesn’t have to. Blackphone’s PrivatOS is good news for both employees and employers.

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