Trevor Potter: Super-Duper Lawyer

Trevor Potter: Super-Duper Lawyer

The final episode of “The Colbert Report” wrapped this month. In attendance were more than 50 of the truthiness host’s closest friends, including Trevor Potter. Potter is the former Federal Election Commission chairman, a partner at Washington D.C. law firm Caplin & Drysdale, one of the area’s Super Lawyers® and, perhaps most important, Colbert’s lawyer, who most notably advised Colbert when he formed a super PAC.

The National Law Journal briefly spoke to Potter who, as the U.S. News & World Report describes, “taught viewers more about super PACs than cable news.”

An excerpt from the interview:

NLJ: Has your practice changed since you’ve been working with Colbert? Did you make a better tomorrow yesterday?

Potter: I think we made a better educated public yesterday.

In the middle of it all I recall being stopped by a Washington lawyer on the street who said, “Trevor, I don’t think I understood super PACs until last night. Now I get it.”

I think people hadn’t really been paying attention. [They] didn’t understand how they worked and what the implications were.

The complete interview with Potter can be read here.




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