Words to the Wise: 2015 White Papers

Words to the Wise: 2015 White Papers

As 2015 comes to a close, we pause to review a few of our top white papers of the year. The papers below range in topics from successful budgeting practices to how to best handle source code. All were written to inform and serve as a repeated point of reference.

Counsel is invited to close this year and prepare for the new one with these free white papers from 2015.


Making It Count: Budgeting Success for General Counsel and Legal Departments

  • Learn the value of budgets
  • Budgeting basics
  • Collaboration
  • Forecasting
  • Metrics

It’s All in the Approach: Internal Investigations

  • Learn the types of complaints filed
  • Strategy and scope
  • Must-have base competencies
  • Benefits of a timeline and TAR
  • Do Not Destroy notices
  • Attorney-client privilege


On the Same Page: TAR for Asian Languages

  • Learn the benefits of TAR for Asian languages
  • CJK languages defined
  • Extraction and tokenization
  • The process of applying TAR
  • How to select a provider and software

A Rock and a Hard Place: Asian Data Protection v. Domestic Discovery

  • Learn how businesses abroad can find a balance between Asian and U.S. laws
  • The differences in the laws per country
  • The risk corporations face
  • How to avoid possible sanctions


Source Code: Receiving, Reviewing and Producing

  • Learn the complete definition of source code
  • The goal of production
  • How it’s collected and produced
  • Production difficulties
  • Court standards
  • Best practices

In the Know: Purpose, Process and Benefits of Custodian Interviews

  • Learn scope assessment
  • Custodians identification
  • Data and domain identification
  • Digital questionnaire and in-person interviews
  • Privilege communication
  • Compliance and technology check

LLM, Inc. looks forward to delivering brand-new white papers in 2016 that offer counsel helpful, expert knowledge on a range of subjects. Here’s to a successful, happy new year!

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